EPSU sends a message of solidarity to the Portuguese workers during today's General Strike.

Greve Geral 24 Novembro 2011 140 WEB
(November 24) The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) wants to send a warm solidarity to its Portuguese affiliates as well as the entire trade union movement of Portugal on this second General Strike since the beginning of the economic and financial crisis.

This 24 hour General Strike against exploitation and impoverishment marks a big step in the struggle to reject the austerity agenda that is sweeping across Europe.

Since the memorandum signed by most of the political parties with the "Catastroika" (International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank and European Commission), Portugal has had to put up with the diktats of the financial markets and International financial institutions. The measures to resolve the economic problems have been: reduction of the public sector, cutting wages and attacking democratic rights.

Today's strike in Portugal, the public sector all-out Strike in Britain on November 30th and the 15th General Strike in Greece on December 1st are part of the European movement that is fighting for an alternative and for a very much needed Social Europe.

EPSU has called for a European day of coordinated action for November 30th fighting for the same objectives.

EPSU supports this General Strike in Portugal as a step towards a better and more democratic future!

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