Report EPSU 8th Congress: Our aims for Quality Public Services – Quality of Life 2009-2014

<img14269|left>Final adopted text of the Congress resolution

(10 June 2009, Brussels) For the congress period 2009-2014, for quality public services – quality of life, EPSU have adopted the following resolution:

the resolution affirms:

”Quality Public Services – Quality of Life” – this resolution calls on EPSU to continue its campaign for EU legislation to protect public services and for an EU Action Programme on ‘quality public services’.
It also calls for the quality public service dimension to be better integrated into EPSU’s sectoral work and social dialogue and for EPSU to work towards more structured cooperation on public service issues with the relevant European trade union federations.

The item was introduced by the EPSU President, Anne-Marie Perret (pictured).

Anne-Marie Perret mentioned that the principles and values of EPSU were based on the mainstreaming of the public services principles and values across EU policies and activities” (§ 20 of the resolution).
She also mentioned that EPSU was demanding an “EU action programme on quality public services” based on the public services Protocol agreed by the 27 EU governments in 2008 (§ 10 of the resolution).

She said : “We commit to protect and promote working conditions for public services workers. The public sector needs sufficient, well-trained, and well-paid staff.”

The following congress participants spoke during the debate:

- Valdis KERIS, LVSADA, Latvia
- Helena RODRIGUES, STE, Portugal
- Gerry GALLAGHER, Unison, UK
- Ylva THÖRN, Kommunal, Sweden
- Mahmut ARSLAN, HIZMET-IS, Turkey
- Anne BALTAZAR, FGF-FO, France
- Vincent BLOUET, CGT, France
- Jan DAVIDSEN, Fagforbundet, Norway
- Giovanni FAVERIN, FP-CISL, Italy + Mediterranean

<img14269|left>Final adopted text of the Congress resolution

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