Production of seven country case studies of social dialogue in the social services sector 2018

PESSIS +: Promoting employers’ social services organisations in social dialogue

Grant Agreement Number: VS/2017/0376

Deadline: 17 February 2018

PESSIS + - Seven country case studies of social dialogue in the social services sector 2018

Tender specification:

Seven country case studies of social dialogue in the social services sector to be delivered by seven national researchers/ contractors from Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Luxembourg and Malta.

Purpose of the contracts:

The purpose of the contracts is to develop seven case studies of social dialogue in the social services sector in Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Luxembourg and Malta.  It is expected that a national researcher/contractor will complete one country case study.

Background and main elements of research

The aim of the research (PESSIS +) is to develop seven case studies of social dialogue in the social services sector, which will complement the 22 case studies developed as part of the first three parts of the PESSIS project.  This will inform discussions about the development of a European level social dialogue committee.

The research will cover seven countries – Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Luxembourg and Malta.

Research questions for each country case study:

  1. What is the size of the social services sector, both in terms of workforce and of employers in aggregated value?
  2. How well represented is the sector in terms of number of employers and workers covered by collective agreements?
  3. How many employers of the sector are involved in social dialogue and at what level?
  4. What are the key labour issues dealt with and at what level?

For the purposes of the Project PESSIS +, the term social dialogue will be defined as “A dialogue between management and labour

It is important to recognise that in some countries, civil society organisations are also part of a social dialogue process.  For Project PESSIS +, the focus will be on social dialogue between management/ employers and labour/ trade unions. 

Tasks to be performed by the contractor for each country:

1 Existing research 

To start the research process, to gather as much relevant research that had been done on the social services sector, in each country. 

2 Mapping of social services

To map social services by country at national, regional and local level.

3 Conducting interviews with stakeholders

To conduct a series of interviews with key stakeholders. 

4 Analysis and writing up

To analyse and write up the results into a 30 page case study by mid-May 2018.

Expertise required:

The researcher(s) will be expected to demonstrate that they have:

  • Knowledge of social services sector in the country to be studied
  • Knowledge of and expertise of collective bargaining information
  • Experience of carrying out interviews and summarising and writing up the key points
  • Experience of writing accessible reports for a NGO and / or trade union readership
  • Experience of presenting research to international meetings

Time schedule and reporting

The period for carrying out the research, data collection, interviews and analysis will be February – April

Payments and standard contract

Full payment will be made on receipt of the final report.

The contract will be drawn up between University of Greenwich (PSIRU) and the contractor.

The travel and accommodation expenses for the contractor to attend the final project conference will be claimed separately from the fee.


The estimated price will be:

€4,000 per country for 20 days work in Cyprus, Malta, Croatia, Estonia and Latvia

€10,000 per country for 20 days work – Denmark, Luxembourg

Selection criteria:

The researcher(s) will be selected on the basis of the clear evidence they provide of how they meet the six criteria listed under expertise (above).

Award criteria

The contract will be awarded to the tenderer whose offer represents the best value for money, taking into account the six selection criteria. The contract will only be awarded to a tenderer who clearly proves that they have knowledge, experience and expertise match at least 70% of the selection criteria.

Content of the bids:

The tenderer will ensure that their bid clearly identifies how they meet the selection criteria, ideally by indicating their knowledge and expertise under each of the relevant headings. It would also be useful to see examples of previous work that demonstrates their ability to write and present to a primarily NGO/ trade union audience.

Presentation of the bids

The deadline for bids will be 17 February 2018

Please send bids to Jane Lethbridge, Director, Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU), University of Greenwich j.lethbridge@gre.ac.uk