Local and Regional Government

Local services are, by definition, at the front line of public services. Users of these services come into direct contact with the men and women that provide them, be they fire-fighters, culture workers, librarians, archivists, municipal police, social services workers, teachers, cleaners, waste collectors, community liaison personnel or local administrators. EPSU represents local and regional government workers across Europe and is committed to ensuring high quality and efficient public services supported by a well-trained and skilled work force and decent working conditions.

Austerity measures and remunicipalisation, digitalisation of local services, the impact of trade agreements on local services, and ensuring socially responsible procurement are key policy challenges to this sector addressed in the frame of EPSU's Standing Committee Local and Regional Government.

EPSU is also the recognised European social partner organisation for workers in local and regional government throughout the European Union and covers approximately 17 million workers.

Eva-Lotta Nilsson (Vision, Sweden) is the President of the EPSU Standing Committee for Local and Regional Government (LRG). Paola Panzeri is the contact person in EPSU (Policy Staff – Local and Regional Government, Gender Equality, Firefighters) for the sector.

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