EPSU supports Belgian public services demonstrations and actions today

(31 May 2016) Belgian workers in health care and other public services have had enough. Train drivers, municipal workers, teachers and many more are protesting today. They challenge the continued cuts in public spending. This leads to a lack of investment in infrastructure from prisons to railways, from care institutions to schools. The public service unions of the three Belgian confederations called for a national day of action, mobilization and demonstrations. Major events take place in Ghent, Wavre, Brussels 31 May 2016. The day is part of the plan of action of the confederations. It started with the national demonstration that brought between 60 and 70.000 workers to Brussels, 24 May.  It will continue with further actions and culminates in a national general strike 7 October if the government does not change course. The EPSU affiliates have mobilized strongly.

EPSU expresses its solidarity with the demands of the Belgian unions for a policy away from austerity, and for more investment in infrastructure, staff and wages to lift the European Union out of the crisis.

  • Public Services unions demonstration in Brussels on 31 May 2016