ETUC position on the new European Commission's five-year programme on migration

ETUC position on the new European Commission's five-year programme on migration (EC Communication “An Open and Secure Europe: Making It Happen”)

Adopted at the meeting of the ETUC Executive Committee on 11-12 June 2014

DG Home affairs launched a Communication aimed at setting priorities in the migration policies for the next five-years. In it, the ETUC recognises a new narrative for the migration phenomenon in Europe.

However some areas of concern have been detected and improvements can be introduced.

Third-country nationals should benefit from a full ‘equal’ treatment at the workplace and on the labour market, including access to employment in public services. The EU working plan needs more concrete proposals to ensure participation of migrants in the labour market with long-term perspectives.

Trade unions urge action to eradicate any practice of exploitation of migrant workforce within the informal economy. For that purpose, the EU needs a framework of action on regularisation of migrants.

The common asylum system made positive progresses, but ‘responsibility’ and ‘solidarity’ are not visible yet. The ETUC will continue to gather political consensus on the 4 proposals set in its Resolution for a more effective protection of migrants and refugees, their lives and their rights on the EU's borders.

The EU and its agencies should be strongly committed to the respect of fundamental human rights and international conventions protecting migrants, asylum-seekers and their family members.

The ETUC is ready to build a structured dialogue on migration with DG Home affairs, in coordination with DG EMPL. The ETUC will also make a claim for a seat in the Consultative Forum of FRONTEX.

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