Report of the Euromed Project on Migration and Public Services final conference

Towards a high-quality reception of migrants

18-19 September 2012, Marseilles, France

Introduction and Objective

The final conference of the Euromed study Informing and Training Public Sector Union Representatives on Receiving Migrants took place on 18 and 19 September 2012.

The project was funded by the European Commission and organised by INTERCO-CFDT France, in cooperation with EPSU and Spanish, Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian trade unions.

The conference brought together around 50 union delegates from five countries, along with representatives of the migrant support group CIMADE, European Public Administration Employers (EUPAE), the European Commission, two experts, Raffaella Greco Tonegutti from Italy, and Patrick Taran, President of Global Migration Policy Associates, plus the EPSU and PSI secretariats.

This was the fourth conference of the Euromed project on public services and migration, which commenced in 2010 (and has included conferences in Malaga and Bari and a seminar in Bucharest).

The main objective of this project has been to identify problems in the way in which the public services that are in direct contact with the immigrant population operate and to identify staff training needs on the basis of a survey conducted.

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