"One Hundred does not always mean One Hundred" denounce Czech health unions

7.11.2011 darek pro ministra Hegera WEB
(Press Communication, 14 November 2011) The Government must fulfill its commitments towards wages for health professionals in the Czech Republic.

Several health trade unions in the Czech Republic demand to the Government to keep the promises made to trade unions after the doctors mobilization of last year. The Government promised a 10% raise, for all medical staff, now they are back tracking. The raise promised by the Minister of Health should be part of the annual budget decree. Health unions agreed the 10% raise in wages across the board in the health service and they will not accept any less [1].

Czech Trade Union of Health Sector and Social Care of the Czech Republic (OSZSP), which is a member of the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU), together with the Trade Union of Doctors as well as the Trade Union of Medical Workers of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia which form a coalition called Z3, insist on the fulfillment of the promise made by the government that salaries and wages of employees in health care should be increased by 10 percent next year. And also it demands to know when this promise will be implemented. However, the exact content of the annual decree of payments in the health sector is not publicly known yet. The preliminary information indicates that the pledged increase in wages has not been included in the Government plans.

The coalition Z3 considers this fact to be unacceptable. EPSU supports them in their demands. Unions fear that the decree will give payments of 100 percent based on the year 2011, but due to both inflation and rise in tax payments the real amount of cash going to the health sector in 2012 will drop below 93 percent of the level in 2011. Which is not what Government promised.

The Health organisation trio Z3, will continue its campaign with the slogan: “WE STAY - we want promises completed!” . The campaign was started by sending the enlarged Memorandum, where the promise was made, to the Minister of Health and an alarm clock set for 12:05 on November 7th to wake him up of its lateness. The day after a second gift was sent: chic glasses in order to enable him to read Memorandum properly. A mass letter campaign is underway as well further action.

Z3 pledges to continue its campaign until the Government fulfills its promises.

For more information contact : Pablo Sanchez, psanchez@epsu.org 00 32 474 62 66 33 for English
and Terezie Písařová, Pisarova.Terezie@cmkos.cz, 00 42 0731 674515

[1] The Czech text attached is the original communication by Z3.

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