Unions raise concerns about extra working hours

One of the first initiatives of the new government of Nicolas Sarkozy is to push through legislation allowing workers to work overtime with no additional tax to pay on the extra hours. Three union confederations, CGT, CFDT and CGC have come together to reject the proposal, arguing that it will create inequalities at work as not all workers will be able to benefit. The FO confederation also has serious concerns pointing out that part-time workers and those on annual hours will not benefit from the new rules and that extra hours are only at the discretion of the employer. FO's civil service federation says the legislation will apply to public sector workers but complains that there have been no attempts to negotiate with unions over how this will be implemented. [Read more at > CGT (FR)->http://www.cgt.fr/internet/html/lire/?id_doc=5169] [Read more at > FO-Fonctionnaires (FR)->http://www.fo-fonctionnaires.fr/] [Read more at > CFDT (FR)->http://www.cfdt.fr/actualite/presse/comm/comm667.htm]

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