Midwives take action over pay

Trade unions representing midwives have been calling for some tmie for improvements to their pay and conditions, including a revaluation of their salary in line with their level of training and medical responsibilities. Negotiations in the public hospitals sector took place on 13 November but no progress was made in the absence of the minister for health. As a result thousands of midwives joined a national demonstration on Tuesday 19 November with many taking strike action. [Read more at > CFDT (FR)->http://www.fed-cfdt-sante-sociaux.org/content/sages-femmes-la-cfdt-sante-sociaux-en-faveur-d-un-statut-medical] [And at > CGT (FR)->http://www.cgt.fr/Appel-a-une-manifestation.html] [And at > FO (FR)->http://fosps.com/communique00011e92.html]

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