EPSU Position on the European Green Deal

EPSU Position on the European Green Deal

Challenging consensus on the use of market-based solutionsto fight climate breakdown

The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) welcomes the Green Deal proposed by the European Commission as a holistic response to the climate emergency. However, this much needed paradigm shift will not succeed if it is not managed in a socially just way. The Commission’s ambitious climate plans must be accompanied by an equally ambitious just transition strategy for workers and local communities, and a stronger role for the public sector.

In response to the draft Climate Law published on 4th March, General Secretary of EPSU Jan Willem Goudriaan stated “The Commission’s proposal to enshrine the climate-neutrality by 2050 goal into legislation is historic in ambition, but falls short of the scale of change which is needed to meet the 1.5˚C global warming target. This can only be achieved  through a just transition for workers and communities, public investment and public ownership.”

This paper outlines EPSU’s position on the initiatives being launched this March, namely the Climate Law, Industrial Strategy and Circular Economy Action Plan.

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