Trade unions set up global union network in German multinational Fresenius active in care and renal dialysis

Trade unions set up global union network in German multinational Fresenius 16 May 2019, Frankfurt

(16 May 2019) The German company Fresenius active across the global in care, renal dialysis and medical products is quickly building a reputation of a company that does not respect its workers. The trade union representing workers in the company therefore seek to work with the company to create a global framework that ensures respect for workers and their unions, and that sets the frame for the rights of workers across the company. The network was set up in parallel with the Annual General Shareholders meeting. It brings together 50 union representatives from Europa, North and South America, Africa as well as Asia. The network of 21 unions exchanged their experiences and the practices of local and national management of the company. And they build their solidarity in the face of examples of the behaviour of the company vis-à-vis it employees and trade unions.

Nearly 300.000 workers have a job in the German multinational company Fresenius (Fresenius Medical Care/ Nephrocare, Kabi and Vamed) in about 100 countries. The company has a European Works Council and union representation in its Supervisory Board. Management has been asked to start negotiations with the union coalition. The meeting was organised by the German union Ver.di, PSI and Uni. It took place 16-17 May 2019, Frankfurt. For EPSU participated the General Secretary and policy staff involved in EPSU’s company work as well as the Deputy General Secretary of PSI.

For the Verdi and Federations press release on the setting up of the Fresenius global union network

For the press statement of PSI

For the Fresenius Corporate Social Responsibility policy that is violated according to the unions

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