Ukrainian unions return to the trade union house after fire in 2014

Ukraine 2019 - Trade Union House

(25 March 2019) With pride and joy the Ukrainian trade unions are returning to their trade union house. It was burned when people protested and ousted the government in the revolution of February 2014.

EPSU/PSI affiliates contributed to a fund that helped the unions to rebuild and refurbish the offices, buying the equipment needed to function. The unions’ building will become once again the symbol of Ukraine’s trade union movement. The funds have been well used and distributed between the unions affiliated to EPSU/PSI.

The economic and the political situation remains extremely difficult for the workers and the unions with the troubles in the Eastern part of the country ongoing, with high levels of corruption and with many attacks on the unions. Our support remains important to the union movement.

On behalf of the Ukrainian affiliates many thanks for the contributions. Together we have shown solidarity and assisted the unions in making a new start

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