Actions across Europe for better pay, improved pensions and quality public services

Monday, 5 November, 2018

Firefighters, care workers, prison service staff, public servants and many other public service workers have all recently been involved in industrial action. EPSU affiliates have been mobilising, many with similar demands. Your solidarity messages have been much appreciated by the women taking action in Glasgow, as well as by our Croatian, Spanish and Portuguese unions also engaged in demonstrations and strikes. This all about building our movement from the workplace up to show governments,  multinationals and the European institutions, that demands for equal pay, and quality public services, for a better life and change are real, not a social media event. 

Our Executive Committee will meet on 6-7 November (tomorrow!) when Congress will be a major item. It will take a view on affiliates’ amendments to the Programme of Action and the Constitution. We have started to publish a series of Congress Briefings covering the work we have been doing and highlighting the main tasks ahead. The first briefing is about building union power. Recruitment and organising are crucial to ensuring we can influence the decisions that affect us and to change society so that young workers do not to have to do lousy, short-term jobs with low pay, for example.

And for May 2019 let’s mobilise the progressive vote against corporate power, and in favour of stronger collective bargaining rights and more public investment. A vote against tax avoidance by the rich and against public-private partnerships that fill the coffers of the wealthy and leave workers without jobs. We are for measures to deal with poverty. We stand for cooperation to stop climate destruction.  We want politicians that support us in our fight for better pensions, improved wages and stronger rights. Our families and generations to come need a sustainable planet where we have decent jobs and decent lives in our communities. The clock is ticking to get the fundamental change needed. And that change will not come from parties that trade in anger, fear and discrimination against others in society. Workers across Europe are showing at their workplaces and through their actions it is time for that solidarity and change.