New report on youth and trade unions is out!


(15 March 2017)“JUST GO FOR IT!” is a new report about getting young people involved in trade unions. It has been produced by six European trade union federations (ETUFs), representing around 30 million workers across Europe, who got their young members involved in a project looking at the challenges facing young people entering the labour market, facing increasingly precarious jobs. It was also about how young people can work inside their trade union structures. Europe’s young people have had enough of ‘austerity mode’ - it is time to take back our future!

For years now, trade unions all over Europe have been first in line to witness dramatic youth unemployment rates and precarious forms of employment that have contributed to the long-term decline of trade union capacity. The aim of the project in which the European Federation of Public Services Unions (EPSU) was heavily involved was to produce a practical guide for all trade union activists but particularly younger activists.

The project gave young workers and trade unionists the opportunity to meet, share practices and reflect on recommendations to address the common challenges facing young people, covering workers across all sectors and all EU countries. In the EU, the number of permanent jobs is constantly falling, putting huge pressure on young workers entering the labour market. Some sectors, like central administration are literally dying away. The increase in temporary contracts and precarious jobs is destroying basic social protection. This is a fight that needs to be fought by the entire trade union movement and this project aimed to give a step in the right direction.

'JUST GO FOR IT!' is the joint effort of the ETUFs (EFBWW, EFFAT, EPSU, ETF, IndustriAll Europe and Uni Europa), gathering the main lessons learned all over Europe on involving young people in trade unions and sharing an overview of the labour market for young people. This compendium will not provide a magic recipe to address the challenges of young workers, but does include useful elements to reflect on when tackling the issue at home.

See the report in English, French, German, Italian

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