Proficiat. 562.552 voices against CETA TISA TTIP in one week in Austria – sets tone ahead of crucial vote in EP

562552 signatures in Austria against CETA

(31 January 2017) Austrian EPSU affiliate Younion and a broad group of social movements achieved a great success with a citizens ‘ initiative against CETA, TTIP and TISA. In one week from 23 – 30 January (2017) 562.552 people signed up. They ask the Austrian government to voice opposition to the agreement with Canada and negotiations for the others. EPSU executive committee member Thomas Kattnig (Younion)  said “The men and women in Austria do not want this agreement in this form.” Resistance will continue.  Coming 2 weeks before the crucial plenary vote on the Treaty between Canada and the European Union (CETA) in the European parliament, it is a clear signal to the Members of the European Parliament that the opposition has lost nothing of its force. The arguments why so many people do not want this Treaty remain valid and convincing. EPSU General Secretary congratulating Younion and the Austrian organisations with the success of their initiative stated “People recognize CETA for what it is: Doling out favours to corporations. There is nothing progressive and fair about it and it does not exclude pubic services.” EPSU will continue to convince MEPs that there is no support for CETA. Trade unions, environmental organisations, farmers, consumer groups, municipalities, anti-poverty campaigners, water activists, small and medium sized businesses have all come out being critical of the text. Parliament should stop listening to corporate Europe and their lobbyists.

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