EPSU and PSI policy staff plan work for 2016

(20 January 2016) We will be building on the work done on tax, trade, migration and more to effect the changes needed. Fighting for Trade union rights, addressing debt, and assisting unions resisting privatisation will be on the agenda. EPSU and PSI policy staff meet regularly to discuss European and global issues that impact on public service workers. We consider how the work of the European governments effects the global agenda and work of the global institutions. And vice versa as global policies of for example the OECD or World Health Organisation (WHO) are used by the Commission and others to underpin their initiatives.

With several new staff in EPSU and PSI it was also an occassion to discuss the considerable work that is done in sectors like health and social services, municipalities, national governments, utilities, subsectors like waste, public and private care, and crosscutting issues like health and safety and digitalisation. We make our campaigns to defend public services like in water and health have more impact. The meeting took place in the EPSU office, Brussels, 19 January 2016.