European Parliament and Council agree over European Citizens´ Initiative Regulation

(10 January 2010) The final plenary session of the EP reached agreement over the Regulation on the European Citizens´ Initiative 15 December 2010.

The Regulation will lay down what conditions and practicalities need to be fulfilled when organizing an ECI to obtain a million signatures. An organizing committee of 7 from 7 different Member States needs to be set up. Signatures need to come from at least a quarter of Member States with minimum numbers defined. The Commission will verify the ECI and its appropriateness at the beginning and the Commission and EP will organize a public hearing when a million signatures are organized. The ECI regulation needs to be adopted in national legislation in 2012. The Council stills needs to ratify the compromise in early 2011.

The position of the EP is available here

A commentary of the European Policy Centre can be found here->]

[Earlier EPSU position of the Executive Committee in May 2010

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