Belgium: Draft agreement reached after 11 days of strike

Belgian unions accept proposals - actions at level of Flanders continue

The results of the negotiations have been accepted by large majorities of the trade unions. They will apply to public and private federal health and social services. Actions will continue at the level of Flanders (08/03/05).

This weekend an agreement was reached between the delegations of the government and the trade unions. After 11 days of strike action the government pledged 100 million Euros of additional funding. This will provide an end of year bonus of 300 - 400 euros, additional leave, improved supplementary pension and 10.000 new jobs to deal with workplace stress. The agreement will be proposed to the unions' members for approval. A previous proposal of the employers was massively rejected.

Protests and strikes will continue in Flanders. This concerns childcare, sheltered work places, family care services. Negotiations will recommence later this week (07/03/05).

[2005 Belgium health and social services strike enters
9th day->art1027]

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