EPSU Project "Europeanisation of health policies/care systems and common challenges for the health care workforce"

(Brussels, 12 October 2012) This page contains the links to other webpages that present and introduce the outcomes of the activities run - i.e. mainly EPSU’s European Health Conference 2011, 18 and 19 October 2011, Bucharest – and of the research done in the context of EPSU's Project "Europeanisation of health policies and health care systems and common challenges for the health care workforce - Options for trade unions and the role of social dialogue to address them in the next decade" (that started 15 July 2011 and ended 14 July 2012).


On this page you'll i.a. find the programme of the conference - in 9 languages, EN/FR/DE/CZ/ES/IT/RO/RU/SV - and the background paper drafted for the conference, "EPSU European Health Conference: Questions, recommendations and action points for discussion in working groups and plenary sessions", in the same 9 languages.

We have also uploaded there all the presentations made and the speech of Godfrey Perera, Secretary General and Chief Executive of HOSPEEM.
This page finally gives access to the conference report (available in a long version in EN and RU). A summary report will also been elaborated until end of 2012 – again in the 9 languages mentioned above - after approval of this long version by EPSU affiliates at the occasion of the meeting of EPSU’s Standing Committee “Health and Social Services” on 23 October 2012.
- Information on conference: Europeanisation of health policies and systems: challenges for the health workers
- Press Communication: European health workers must not be the scapegoats of the crisis. Decent work is needed to improve Europe’s health
- Short first report on conference "Successful EPSU Health Conference"


- OSE/EPSU Report "Europeanization of national health systems - National impact and EU codification of the patient mobility case law" 3 - available in EN

- OSE/EPSU Report on emerging EU level instruments for soft health systems governance - available in EN

- EPSU/University of Hertfordshire Report on migration of health & elderly care workers and related trade union initiatives

The study and report “Opportunities and challenges related to cross border mobility and recruitment of the health sector workforce” have been commissioned by EPSU and prepared by the University of Hertfordshire between December 2011 and July 2012.
We have uploaded the full report with all appendices (in EN) and and Executive Summary and Recommendations available in 9 languages, EN/FR/DE/CZ/ES/IT/RO/RU/SV.

Here is a link to the questionnaires (available in 9 languages, EN/FR/DE/CZ/ES/IT/RO/RU/SV) sent out in December 2011 and early 2012 to EPSU affiliates.

{The activities were organised and the research commissioned was done with the financial assistance of the European Commission}