8th of March: Transforming the world of work for equal pay

In 2015, the PSI World Women's Committee (WOC) decided to make Equal Pay the main theme of its celebration of International Women's Day in 2016. PSI has already achieved a lot on this issue, as is widely recognised. It took the lead in calling on its affiliates, the global union federations, the ILO, governments and women's organisations to defend economic rights. PSI is now internationally recognised as a union that defends women's rights at work and in society in general.

It has been decided to launch a campaign, which will last three weeks - from 8th March to Friday 25th March. This campaign aims to move the issue of equal pay up the trade union and international development agendas. It will lobby governments, conduct media work and use the ILO supervisory bodies to highlight the problem and identify solutions. Its central argument will be the need to increase the social value of women's work, whether in formal or informal public or private employment, or in the home, at the hub of the reproduction of social life. It will take a sectoral approach on water and sanitation on World Water Day (22nd March) when trade unions in the sector will use this as the focus for their actions.

We would encourage you to report on what is happening in your part of the world so that your contributions be published on the PSI website, social networks and in the international media.

You will find attached the PSI Statement, the posters and the Campaign Action Guide (in EN only). You can download posters here.

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