Gas social dialogue committee: making progress on skills, CSR and European policy

(19 March 2010) An animated and constructive discussion on CSR took place between the trade union side and the Eurogas side for the employers. The topic had been on the agenda but little progress was made so far. Following the discussion the following steps have been agreed:
- The trade union side will provide comments on a text proposed by the employer and which will become the umbrella.
- 4 key themes have been identified (health and safety, restructuring, equality and diversity, skills and qualifications)
- A more general description will be provided for each of these themes to have a common understanding and provide a basis for further work
- Best practice examples will then be identified. These best practice examples will serve other companies for inspiration.

Other issues:
- Follow up to the Demographic Change and Competency project to ensure the study and toolkit are known at workplace level
- Equality and Diversity
- Request for a meeting with the new energy Commissioner
- Sector skill councils – the social partners will explore what exist at national level, being in principle positive about developing a European sector skill council for the gas sector (see presentation below)
- Third Package – and implementation – employers and unions have concerns about the way in which unbundling proposals are implemented (see presentation below)
- Social Forum of the Energy Community for South East Europe, 10-11 June 2010. Issues will be the follow up to the national action plans and the implementation of the social Memorandum.
The social partners adopted the work programme based on the above issues for 2010-2011

EPSU was represented by Didier Baur (vice-president for EPSU), Ian Barnett GMB, Ruud Cornelisse AbvaKabo, Richard Vadkerty POZE Sarka Vojikova Transgas union, Luis Ribeiro SIndel, Daniel Glevan and Victor Popescu of Gas Romania trade union and EPSU Deputy General Secretary.

For the presentations:

- Implementing the 3rd Energy package, Commission’s role- - Presentation by Ana Arana Antelo, Electricity and Gas Unit, European Commission

- European Sector Councils on Jobs and skills

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