European Social Partners in the Electricity Sector reiterate support for "Just Transition"

(23 September 2015) Ahead of the upcoming COP21, EPSU successfully agreed a joint position with the social partners – IndustriAll (for the Unions) and Eurelectric (representing employers) – which committed to and further stressed the need for a Just Transition.

The statement – which was announced at the official plenary meeting between the European Social Partners in the Electricity Sector and the Commission - sends a clear and strong signal to the ENVI committee and European Parliament as to the importance of this issue for the industry as they debate and deliberate their position ahead of the climate talks in Paris.

EPSU will also lead the Joint Project for 2016 as the partners agreed to continue to work on a Quality Framework for Traineeships. Although the details are as yet to be fully decided, the project will aim to promote best practice within the sector for all workers – but particularly the young (in light of the prevailing extent of youth unemployment). This will be crucial in order to maintain and attract much needed skilled workers to the industry, particularly when one considers the prominent role the electricity sector will play in combating climate change in the years ahead.

The social partners also reached a joint position on the New Energy Market Design which called attention to “the clear social dimension that needs to be considered.” The statement subsequently demands that the European Commission include the social implications of the market design alternatives in a social impact assessment and furthermore discusses the outcome with the European social partners for the electricity sector.

The meeting was Chaired by Jan Ruden - President of the social dialogue committee and representing EPSU. The next meeting of the Committee is expected to take place early within the new year.

- For the Joint Press Release

- For the Joint Position addressing measures to mitigate social impacts

- EURELECTRIC/IndustriAll Europe/EPSU Joint position on New Energy Market Design

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