ILO - EC seminar: Adjustments in the public sector: Scope, effects, and policy issues

{International Labour Organisation – European Commission seminar
Adjustments in the public sector: Scope, effects, and policy issues
Brussels, 21-22 June 2012

Crowne Plaza Rogier, Vision Room

The ILO and European Commission will be organizing a high level meeting on 21-22 June 2012 in Brussels with a focus on the challenges the public sector is facing against the backdrop of austerity. The meeting will bring together representatives of governments, employers and trade unions. This is an important event for public service trade unions.

One representative per country is invited. We suggest that representatives to the meeting are the members of the EPSU Executive Committee. In case where a titular member cannot attend the seat should be filled by the substitute. For countries in which there are more than 1 representative we ask colleagues to consult each other on participation to the meeting. In case where neither titular nor substitute members of the Executive Committee are not in a position to attend we will approach colleagues from the Standing Committees. We will strive to achieve gender as well as sectoral balance.

Languages provided by the ILO and Commission are EN and FR. Travel and accommodation costs will be reimbursed by the Commission/ILO. For hotels see the EPSU list. Please note that EPSU does not make travel / hotel reservations for participants.

We are in a position to assist one or two colleagues in case whispered interpretation is required. Please check with the Secretariat.

We also suggest to hold a pre-meeting on 20 June (dinner).

Attached is a description of the project. We attribute importance to participation at this meeting as it provides an opportunity to underline the importance of negotiations and violations of bargaining rights, stress the impact reforms and public service cuts have on workers and the broader society. The work which is being done and the final seminar will directly contribute to the drafting of the next European Industrial relations report prepared by the European Commission that will be precisely dedicated to the public sector. It will also contribute to the next ILO’s Global wage report –with a special section on public sector pay – as well as feed into the cooperation currently carried out between the ILO and the IMF.

Please inform us as soon as possible. If you are not in a position to attend on enclosed participation form to be returned no later than 3 February (ILO requirement)

We look forward to a good level of participation.

Background documents:

ILO Update of sectoral aspects regarding the global economic downturn: Public administration

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