Closing the Gender Pay Gap – EPSU sectors discuss wage disparities

(24 September 2009) Under the direction of the Collective Bargaining officer, Richard Pond, the EPSU standing committees embarked on their respective assessment of the gender pay gap. It was one of the main debates at this month’s meeting of the local and regional government standing committee (24 September). The background to the discussion was the decision by the committee back in May to adopt a pay checklist as a framework for reviewing and assessing developments in pay in the sector and how affiliates have been able to achieve, defend or work forwards fair pay systems.

With this being such a broad subject it was suggested that, in the light of the resolutions agreed at Congress, it would be appropriate to focus initially on the gender pay and exchange information on the various ways that affiliates have or are trying to reduce the gap. It was clear from the discussion that a very broad range of measures were needed to tackle occupational segregation, the fact that sectors and occupations dominated by women are lower paid than those dominated by men and the need to monitor and improve training and promotion policies and procedures where women are concentrated in low-paid jobs.

The pay checklist and gender pay gap will also be debated at next month’s meeting of the standing committee for National and European administration.

For the pay checklist and note on the gender pay gap :

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