Prison overcrowding - THE SOLUTIONS

-Brutal working and living conditions have brutal results-


Prison Action day 28 February 2008

The SOLUTIONS to Prison Overcrowding in the EU

-# Political leadership to move away from ‘fear agenda'
-# One prisoner - One Cell
-# Decrease numbers of pre-tried prisoners
-# Invest in social and criminal justice system for fairer and speedier trial process
-# Moratorium on private sector involvement in prisons
-# Apply trade union rights in line with EU Charter of Fundamental rights
-# Use prison staff and trade union representatives' expertise thru actionable consultation
-# Increase in prison staff numbers
-# More resources to train prison staff
-# Apply the Council of Europe prison rules

Interesting fact! In Sweden, offenders who have a sentence of less than 6 months can apply to serve sentence electronically tagged rather than in prison. Sweden has one of the lowest prison populations and one of the lowest crime rates in Europe.

-Brutal working and living conditions have brutal results-

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