EPSU to mark first anniversary of European Action day on Prison Overcrowding

(30 January 2009, Brussels) EPSU will mark the first anniversary of their Prison action day on 16th March 2009. The day will highlight the fact that overcrowding in prisons, throughout the EU, is still a major problem.

EPSU will call on members of the European Parliament’s Committee for Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs->http://www.europarl.europa.eu/activities/committees/membersCom.do?language=EN&body=LIBE] to support the action. EP members will be asked to sign up to the [EPSU Public Service Pledge as a way of publicising the need for quality standards in prisons which, as a minimum, should be in line with the Council of Europe’s Prison Rules.

Martine ROURE (PSE, FR) stated recently in the European Parliament that: "We are calling for an active struggle against any form of discrimination and to respect human dignity, particularly in prisons, because all too often humanity is left at the door there". EPSU will focus, in particular, on the issue of ‘Pre-trial detention will aim to send letters to their Justice Ministers and MEPs on the issue of Prison Overcrowding. Nadja Salson, EPSU officer for National Administration stated that: “one year after our action, overcrowding in European Prisons is still as bad as ever. We need to work towards a European plan of action to alleviate the effects on prisoners and on prison staff”.

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