ETUC Collective Bargaining Committee looks forward to Congress

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The ETUC Collective Bargaining Committee met on 5 October to discuss a number of issues that would be developed further in the run up to the ETUC Congress next May. The Committee continues to discuss in depth proposals from the European Commission to establish a voluntary framework for European collective agreements. The Committee re-affirmed the importance of having trade unions and particularly the European industry federations as the key negotiating and signatory bodies in these agreements. A tripartite seminar on 27 November would provide the next opportunity to discuss the issue with employers. The Committee also debated the flexibility issue and supported the idea of a campaign to highlight the risks of excessive flexibility in working time, temporary and part-time contracts and low pay. The Committee was informed by the ETUC Secretariat that a taskforce had been set up with the ETUI-REHS research institute to look into the issue of minimum wages in preparation for a possible resolution on the issue at the ETUC Congress.

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