Unions reject further changes to pensions

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Public service unions have made clear that they are unhappy about government proposals to change the pension age and calculation. The CGT local government federation wants to retain the right to retire at 60 and for a pension worth 75% of salary after a full career. It also called on the government to organise negotiations involving all the public service federations. FO’s civil service federation has attacked the conclusions of a report from the Pensions Advisory Council. The federation challenges some of the assumptions it has used in the Council’s forecasts, claiming that it has tried to paint a negative picture to help justify further pension reforms. The CFDT also wants to retain 60 as the pension age and has criticised the government for trying to push through reforms too quickly and so not allowing enough time for proper consultation and negotiation. UNSA presented the government with a range of proposals to improve the financing of pensions but these were all rejected by the government.
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