Climate Proofing Work – ITUC global action day 26 June – The right to know what your employer does about global warming

ITUC logo climate proof our work

(21 June 2019) The impact of global warming and climate change on work and our communities needs urgent action. The ITUC has organized a Global Day of Work Place action. Union representatives will approach their employer on 26 June to demand employers to that concrete steps to address climate change and reduce CO2-emissions. Are you having that discussion with your employer ?

The pressing need to reduce CO2 emissions is well established by science. With rising CO2 emissions global temperatures will increase by more than 2 degrees by the end of the century throwing our planet in climate chaos. The stable climate on which we depend for our economies will become dis-balanced and the process irreversible. This will lead to destruction of jobs and societies. Working people are on the front lines of climate change. The European and global trade union movement is recognizing the urgency to take concrete actions. This extends to the workplace. Unionists will ask employers who they are doing to climate proof their company and prevent it contributes to global warming. What the company does to make its work climate neutral is a matter for information and consultation, for dialogue and eventually negotiations as adaptation might impact on pay and conditions.  We have a right to know if the employer is ensuring our jobs and workplaces are sustainable. Workers are encouraged to ask the employer about how emissions are tracked and about plans to reduce them.

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