HOSPEEM-EPSU First Regional Workshop in Eastern Europe, 14 June 2019, Bucharest, Romania

HOSPEEM-EPSU First Regional Workshop in Eastern Europe, Bucharest

HOSPEEM and EPSU support the capacity building of national social partners in the hospital/health care sector in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Romania

On 14 June 2019 HOSPEEM, EPSU and EPSU’s Romanian affiliate Sanitas held the First Regional Capacity Building Workshop in the context of the Joint project “Strengthening social dialogue in the hospital sector in the East, South and Central Europe” in Bucharest, Romania. A media release was issued on 18 June 2019 (see below).

The seminar was the occasion to discuss the capacity building needs of sectoral social partners in the hospital sector in four Eastern Europe targeted countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Romania, as well the level of involvement of the sectoral social dialogue partners in the health/hospital sector in those four countries in the European Semester.

The workshop allowed for an in-depth discussion on the current functioning of the social dialogue structures and institutions at national, regional and local level and helped in identifying common challenges faced by social partners in their participation in and use of EU-level social dialogue as well as in the European Semester process in the four countries respectively.

The event gathered around 30 participants, EPSU and HOSPEEM members as well as representatives from trade unions and employers from the four targeted countries and from beyond as well as academia. HOSPEEM and EPSU would like to thank Sanitas for organising and hosting the workshop.

Please find below the agenda of the workshop, all presentations given and the video message delivered by Marianne Thyssen European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility. On availability the workshop report and a number of illustrations drawn by graphic designer Christopher Malapitan will be uploaded in this page.

HOSPEEM has published an article on the save event, too.


  • This is the FINAL Agenda - in EN

  • Workshop Report - N.B.: Dear colleagues, please not that the report will be uploaded on availability (expected in September 2019)

Here is the related article on the HOSPEEM webpage.

Media Release

Video - Photo Gallery - Graphic Recording

  • Video message delivered by Marianne Thyssen, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility
  • Photos Gallery
  • Graphic Recording - in pdf or in jpeg


  • Discussion and exchange on challenges faced by social partners in the region:
    • Presentation of Slava Zlatanova, FTU-HS, Bulgaria - in EN and BG
      • Involvement in EU-level social dialogue structures and in the EuropeanSemester
      • Priorities in social dialogue articulation

Final Report and Fact Sheets

This meeting was organised with the financial support of the European Commission

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