International Workers Memorial Day – Safe workplaces and zero workplace related cancers

ETUC International workers memorial day 2019

Every year trade unions, health and safety activists and others remember the workers that have died because of work related accidents. We draw attention to the workers that have been injured at work and who have become ill from work. We do this on 28 April. This year the focus is on “Taking control – removing dangerous substances from the workplace.” Many illnesses are related to the exposure to carcinogens in the work place. And almost two hundred thousand people die every year in the European Union as a result of workplace diseases, illnesses and accidents. And many more in other European countries. Turkish unions campaign against workplace related deadly accidents for example. Due to lax regulation and lack of regulatory control and labour inspections, employers can get away with what is called murder by Turkish unions. Employers put short term benefits before the health and safety of workers leading to avoidable accidents.

We are asking the new Commission to set a target of zero workplace cancer and to have binding occupational exposure limits for cancer-causing substances. Other demands of the unions are to have EU legislation to prevent stress at work, and ensure employers have measures and plans to prevent stress.

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