European Demonstration For a Fairer Europe for Workers, 26 April, Brussels

Euro-Demo 26 April 2019, Brussels - for a fairer Europe for workers

(9 April 2019) The ETUC has called all its organisations to join with the Belgian unions in a demonstration in the European Quarter 26 April. The demonstration will underline the demands of the trade unions for the future of the European Union. It is time for workers, our families and our communities. EPSU will join to underline the need for high Quality Public Services in the EU. We do not need a European Union that benefits our bosses and the rich. It needs a social project that improves the lives of hundreds of millions of people living in the EU.

With the demo we underline our demands for the European elections May 23-26. These elections are about the vision of the future. For more social Europe, for democracy and social justice, equality, higher wages and pensions. We expect the MEPs to take up our demands in and after the European Parliament elections. And the same for the new European Commission. We want to give a signal to the far-right and nationalists that their vision of Europe, of a race to the bottom, of wage and tax dumping does not solve the problems workers, our families and our communities face. We vote for Jobs, for democracy and High Quality Public Services.

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