Call for tender - digitalisation and collective bargaining in the public services

Call for tender EPSU

CALL FOR TENDER: Subcontracting for external expertise

Project: Digitalisation and collective bargaining in the public services

Tender specifications for a training provider

In the framework of its actions to strengthen the way trade unions can influence the future of work, EPSU will launch early next year, a project that will  provide training to representatives of EPSU affiliates. It will assist them in dealing with issues arising from digitalisation at local, regional and national level as well as improving their input into discussions at European level, including in European works councils.

Digitalisation has implications for a wide range of elements such as anticipation, preparation and management of change and restructuring; skills; health and safety; gender equality; and decent work. The disruptive effects of the introduction of new technologies in the world of work poses many challenges to collective bargaining in terms of working time arrangements, delocalisation of work and the emergence of entirely new forms of work organisation.

The main aim of the training will be to support EPSU affiliates to develop their collective bargaining policies to better address those challenges.

The specific topics likely to be covered include:

  • information and consultation rights;
  • training;
  • gender equality;
  • data protection and control;
  • surveillance;
  • work organisation;
  • right to (dis)connect;
  • health and safety; and
  • work-life balance and working time.

The training seminars will be open to EPSU affiliates and in particular:

  • trade union delegates at different levels
  • representatives from EPSU affiliates’ collective bargaining departments
  • representatives from European work councils 

The training will be provided trough 5 regional meetings that will be organised by EPSU with support of local affiliates in Romania, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden and Poland. The timeline of the project will be communicated in early 2019.

As first step of the project, we are launching a call for tender for trainer(s) with experience in training and collective bargaining to prepare the training input for the regional seminars. Here you can find enclosed the call for tender with the requirements to apply. The bids should be submitted to EPSU ( and by 14 January 2019.

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