Solidarity message for GENOP and striking workers in PPC (Greece)

highvoltage pylones

(24 April 2018) This week on Monday the 23rd and Tuesday the 24th of April, workers of the Public Power Corporation (PPC) launched a 48h strike.
Public Power Corporation’s staff union GENOP are protesting against plans for the privatization of PPC and a draft bill for the sale of two coal power plant units that is now in Parliament.
Strike actions began after midnight, centered mainly on the steam-electric power stations of Western Macedonia. Public Power Corporation’s staff union GENOP protest against plans for the privatization of PPC and a draft bill for the sale of its lignite coal units now in Parliament.
The European Federation of Public Service Unions supports this action and our affiliates in Greece.

Dear Colleagues, dear President, 

I am writing to send you solidarity greetings from EPSU for your strike action calling on the Greek Parliament not to support the bill on the privatisation and splitting up of PPC.  We understand that workers are massively participating in the action and showing strong support for the public nature of the company. We support your struggle to ensure that the Greek government and the Troika recognise the importance of the public company to deliver for the people in Greece and not for the benefit of financial and corporate shareholders. We stand together with you for the public interest and the public good, for the workers and their company represent.

We very much hope that the action puts pressure on the government to withdraw the plans and the bill. It should come back to the table and negotiate with you and others taking account of what is in the best long term interests of the people in Greece.

We wish you much success with the strike action.

Yours in solidarity,

Jan Willem Goudriaan, EPSU General Secretary

Greece Greece

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