Long-term struggle and warning strikes deliver pay increases

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Members of the ver.di services union have secured pay increases following action in both the health and energy sectors. After more than a year in dispute, the union has managed to negotiate a new pay deal for workers at the CFM facilities management company. Around 1600 low paid workers will benefit from a basic pay rate of EUR 11 an hour which will mean increases worth 10%-16%. The union will be building on the solidarity maintained over the course of the dispute in preparation for next year's bargaining round which will begin no later than 1 July. In the energy sector 4500 employees at EON took part in warning strikes that helped to deliver a 3% pay increase and EUR 1100 lump sum for around 10000 workers. Apprentices will also get an EUR 85 increase and EUR 500 lump sum. There will also be two extra days' leave for ver.di members only.


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