So that was 2016, more or less...

Friday, 16 December, 2016

In this last edition of the year we would like to wish all our readers, our affiliates and  our members a very happy holiday and a good New Year.

What a year this has been, what with Brexit and the rise and rise of US President-Elect Donald Trump. We only feared these developments last year and now they have come to pass, they will undoubtedly have consequences for working people.

But on a more positive note it seems as if the European Commission is finally ready to listen to its workers and citizens on how to make Europe social, once more. The Commission is seeking information on how to improve labour markets and welfare systems through a public consultation on the European Pillar of Social Rights, this is covered in this edition of the newsletter.

We strongly encourage all unions and members to engage in this consultation process by signing up to Social Rights First (details are on the EPSU website). EPSU believes it is important that as many people as possible sign up to give their opinion on the European Pillar of Social Rights. So in these last days before the end of 2016 and the end of the consultation period (December 31st), please take a moment to circulate the call to sign to your colleagues, members and friends.

As this strange year comes to an end, its is clear that the austerity policies which have become associated with the EU institutions are increasingly being discredited and rejected by Europe’s citizens. There is a strong likelihood that in 2017 the calls for decent work, fairer economies, higher living standards and good strong public services, will get louder and louder, as it becomes clear that the Future of Europe and the EU project is dependent on social justice and social rights. We aim to continue to be at the vanguard of demands for increased public investment and improved public services, which will lead to improved health, education, child and elderly care. The social pillar clearly has a role to play in this.

So a happy holiday to one and all and we look forward to a more positive and just 2017.