On Public Services Day, Public Service Workers Demand a Pay-Rise

Thursday, 22 June, 2017

We will celebrate Public Services Day on the 23rd of June, when we all recognise and honour all those in public services who make such a valuable contribution to all of our lives. Millions of public service workers selflessly provide us with quality services, despite suffering close to a decade of pay cuts. We will use the day to insist that Public Sector Workers need a pay rise now. In this edition, consider EPSU’s compelling evidence showing how 19 European countries have imposed pay freezes or pay cuts on more than 20 million workers, in their response to the economic crisis.

On a more positive note, we report on the news that more than 250 non-government organisations, from across Europe have launched a manifesto promoting an alternative vision for Europe. A Europe that is more democratic, just and sustainable. We believe this initiative is a welcome counter balance to Junker’s five ‘Future of Europe’ scenarios, which are just not fit more purpose. Our affiliate FBU has argued that the red tape agenda, which has been part of the Conservative’s austerity agenda, has contributed to recent tragedies.

And finally, World Refugee Day took place on the 20th of June. With PSI we argue that quality Public Services are vital in promoting human rights, inclusion and integration of refugees in societies. Wars, poverty, global inequality plus humanitarian and environmental disasters has seen the numbers of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants workers continue to rise. EPSU has for some time argued that the EU’s response to migrants and refugees, is just not good enough. More needs to be done to create additional safe and legal channels, for those often fleeing perilous conditions. Front line workers, mainly from the public sector, who welcome and manage the integration of migrants and refugees, need services which are better resourced.