Brexit, Campaign against CETA, Release of the general secretary of DISK, protecting trainees

Friday, 1 July, 2016

Many unions have been active on Public Services Day to underline that CETA is a bad deal for public service workers. Our message is getting more and more response. Governments have this week demanded that national parliaments should have a say as well. But the issue is Brexit. EPSU’s General Secretary reacted that Member States and the Commission should focus on developing the social agenda in the EU and stop the negative project of austerity. EPSU will stand with the UK workers and their unions to ensure workers do not suffer from the Brexit vote.  And there are many more stories. How our pressure helped free the General Secretary of DISK, on whistleblower protection, support for our Lithuanian colleagues fighting labour market deregulation, an agreement on protecting trainees, the social dialogue... Please continue reading.