23 October 2020

Safe Jobs in the Circular Economy Report - Webinar

Venue: ZOOM platform - 23 October 2020 (10:30 - 12:00)

Join us at 10:30 on the 23rd of October 2020 for a Webinar in which Vera Weghmann from the Public Service International Research Unit (PSIRU) will present in her recent report: “Safe Jobs in the Circular Economy - Health and Safety in Waste and Wastewater Management”. The report, Commissioned by EPSU, focusses on the workers operating the Circular Economy, who are rarely acknowledged in research or policy despite the hazardous nature of the jobs they do.

We invite you to read the new report on our website and register for the event here.

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23 October 2020

Webinar - ZOOM Platform
1000 Brussels