Unions come together in healthcare campaign

Switzerland Switzerland
The VPOD/SSP public services union is working with other health unions and the SGB/USS trade union confederation to campaign for a major reform of the Swiss healthcare system. The SBK/ASI nurses' association and SVBG/FSAS federation of professional health associations are also supporting the campaign. The unions believe it is possible to move to a more affordable and efficient system with more planning to reduce the costs of what they see as an inequitable and costly system. They are also calling for action on working time and the training and employment of more health specialists. The unions note that in some cases health workers work up to 100 hours a week, go for 31 days without a day off or work night shifts of 18 hours. The unions argue that it is unfair that the only option for some health workers is to suffer a cut in pay by reducing hours in order to ensure their own health.
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