Framework of Actions "Recruitment and Retention" (2010)

The EPSU-HOSPEEM Framework of Actions “Recruitment and Retention” was signed on 17 December 2010.

It constitutes an important basis for social partners at European and national levels to develop concrete action in order to tackle staff shortages and qualification needs of the workforce in the hospital/health care sector. EPSU and HOSPEEM intended to help gear the attention of policy makers as well as of their members on a number of set-screws that are likely to make recruitment and retention policies and measures more effective. One idea when signing the agreement was to develop joint model initiatives, supported also by the collection of case studies and good practice.

The Framework of Actions “Recruitment and Retention” elaborates more in detail on 5 thematic areas the sectoral social partners in the hospital sector consider important to focus their attention on.

  • Improvement of work organisation (3.2)
  • Development and implementation of workforce planning mechanisms (3.3)
  • Encouragement of diversity and gender equality (3.4)
  • Initial training, life-long learning and continuous professional development (3.5)
  • Achievement of the safest possible working environment (3.6)

These thematic areas are framed by an introductory section (3.1) that refers to issues such as the aim of a high quality of the care provided to the patients and the society, the need for well-equipped services, the objective of having a well-trained and motivated workforce and the importance of valuing and recognising what the individual health workers do. It also states that “valuing and retaining the skills and experiences of older workers is equally crucial in transferring experience and the retention of knowledge” and that the “social partners at all levels, in cooperation with member states’ authorities, should develop supporting infrastructures to facilitate work in a 24/7 service delivery context.”

In the joint press-release issued on 21 December 2010 (you can read on HOSPEEM’s website and on EPSU’s website) after having endorsed and signed the document in the Plenary Meeting 2010 of the SSDC HS on 17 December 2010, EPSU and HOSPEEM i.a. mentioned workforce planning mechanisms, innovative workplace designs (also supported by ICT-instruments), investment in professional training, life-long learning and continuous professional development as well as the broad theme of improving of the attractiveness of workplaces and jobs the healthcare and hospital sector for both women and men, including by measures for improved work-life balance.

The EPSU-HOSPEEM Framework of Actions on Recruitment and Retention has been in the meantime made available in 10 languages (EN, FR, DE, BG, CZ, ES, FIN, IT, PL, SV). The document can be accessed both on HOSPEEM’s homepage and on the website of EPSU.

EPSU and HOSPEEM are currently (i.e. still until around mid 2015) working on a report to update their knowledge on social partner activities on a range of topics covered by their document and to mutually exchange good practice, thereby also supporting cross-country learning and transferability of approaches and solutions where appropriate.