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EPSU is a strong voice for the about 10.5 million social service workers in the EU and in other European countries. Our aims are to protect and improve social services across Europe as well as the employment conditions of workers in the sector. EPSU is actively involved in initiatives exploring the scope and format for social dialogue in social services at EU-level..

There are millions of social service workers across Europe who provide vital care for children, the elderly, the disabled and others with urgent needs – whether at home or in institutions. Their work and contribution to society is undervalued and more often than not poorly rewarded. Women make up the majority of the social services workforce and in many countries migrant workers also make an invaluable contribution to the sector. Gender equality runs through all of EPSU’s work and is central to its activities in social services as is action to defend migrant workers’ rights.

EPSU is making a clear case for more resources for the sector and for better pay and conditions for social service workers, for more and better collective agreements, for proper training and professional development. Supporting quality, affordable and accessible social services is an essential investment that brings both economic and social benefits.

EPSU’s thematic priorities in social services are long-term care for the elderly, including personal care and household services, childcare as well as organising in the sector on which you find more information by clicking on the links below: