A secure and affordable supply of energy, clean water and sustainable waste management are basic needs for each individual and our communities in society. EPSU believes that the best way to ensure that these needs are met is through the public management of utilities services, proper regulation of the sector and decent working conditions for employees. We represent workers in the electricity, gas, water and waste sectors – both public and private – and it is our job to make sure that their voices are listened to at a European level.

EPSU’s Utilities work has seen a number of successes, most notably the ECI Campaign Right2Water, in which nearly two million European citizens joined our call for the implementation of the human right to clean drinking water and sanitation in the EU.

Tuscany Bell is the EPSU policy officer for the sector. The President of the Standing Committee is Mrs. Donna Rowe-Merriman, UNISON, U.K.

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