Health union calls for change in return-to-work protocol


The CCOO-Sanidad health service union has repeated its call on the government to change the protocol on discharging health workers from treatment for COVID-19 and returning to work. The union argues that the procedure should be no different to that applying to other workers and that it is essential to ensure that health workers have completely recovered from infection. It warns that pressure to get health staff back to work has contributed to the 19400 health worker infections and 13 deaths. The federation has called for medical students in the final year of their studies to be called up to provide support if there are urgent staff shortages. The union estimates that this could provide an additional 6500 doctors and 12500 nursing and other professional staff. The FeSP-UGT federation has also raised concerns about infection of health staff and continuing problems with the supply of personal protective equipment and testing.

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