EPSU condemns the attack on peaceful demonstrators in Ankara

(12 October 2015) Two bomb attacks killed 86 or more people (This article was first published on EPSU’s Facebook, the official number of people killed has risen to 95. Others speak of 128) in the center of Ankara. Hundreds are injured. They were participating in a peace rally Saturday morning 10 October. The organisers of the rally included KESK, the Turkish public service workers federation and DISK, the general workers confederation. Several union members have been killed.

EPSU denounces this brutal violence against the peaceful demonstrators. They wanted to protest the renewed violence between Kurdish groups and Turkish security forces. The Turkish forces have been closing off villages and towns from the outside world intimidating people. The protestors wanted the peace process to restart and to continue respecting the interests of the Kurdish people.

Jan Willem Goudriaan, EPSU General Secretary, "The Turkish government must organise an independent investigation and prosecute those found guilty of those horrendous acts of violence. The Turkish government should stop the attacks against Kurdish people."

There have also been reports that spoke of police preventing ambulances to reach the wounded. Social media report that the government blocked twitter. It is unbefitting the Turkish government to react in such as way.

Goudriaan continued: "The European Commission should step up its efforts to promote democracy. Respect for dialogue, trade union rights and for minorities is part and parcel of democratic societies."

Many EPSU members have relations with KESK and DISK and their affiliates. We are concerned about our friends and colleagues, and their families. Our thoughts are with the relatives of those killed or injured.

Update February 2017

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