EPSU sends protest letter to Armenian prime minister over job cuts

EPSU letter of support published on the trade union of state enterprises, local government and public service workers of Armenia website

(16 November 2016) EPSU has written to the prime minister of Armenia, Karen Karapetyan, to express its serious concern about the threat to public service jobs and the lack of social dialogue. The government has announced plans for major structural reforms with 30% of jobs in state and local government in the firing line. In the letter, EPSU general secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan criticises the government for moving ahead with the restructuring without any consultation with the trade unions. He adds: “We agree with our Armenian colleagues that a public discussion of the problems involving all stakeholders can assist in this. The lay-offs will not solve the economic problems Armenia faces. It will leave many workers and their families without income. This will exacerbate the economic problem the country faces.”

The union most directly affected is EPSU affiliate representing workers in state enterprises, municipalities and public services and they have published the EPSU letter on their website: http://www.arhmiutyun.org/am-news-2016-november-epsu-2-pm.html

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