Hospital euro-deal on ethical recruitment set for end February

Representatives of EPSU and Hospeem pictured at the signing ceremony of a previous social dialogue accord (20 September 2006)
Code of Conduct Ethical Recruitment

(18 February, 2008, Brussels) The Social Partners in the hospital sector in the EU have announced their intention to sign an agreement on ethical recruitment. The deal outlines a “code of conduct” that national, regional and local hospital employers and workers will implement over a three-year period. Yearly ‘progress reports' from each of the 27 EU member states form a key part of the accord.
Speaking for the European Federation of Public Service Unions, head of health, Karen Jennings (UNISON, UK) said “when implemented fully, the provisions of this deal, which includes proper induction for arriving staff, freedom of association and recognition of qualifications, will provide genuine protection for health workers across the EU”. The Hospital Employers association HOSPEEM indicated their willingness to move to the structured implementation phase.

This code of conduct illustrates the social partners' willingness to take the lead on this issue. By promoting measures to ensure that the principles that form the foundations of a good health system - solidarity, universality and accessibility - are reflected in recruitment of the health workers themselves, the social partners have given a clear signal of their active engagement, to EU officials, and national governments alike.

Statistics on recruitment (pending)

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