EPSU supports Slovenian energy workers strike

(31 March 2016) The workers of the energy sector in Slovenia, represented by the SDE Slovenia, will go on strike from Monday 4th until the 21st of April. Due to a series of governmental unilateral decisions in the last two years and the lack of complying with social dialogue outcomes as well as the precarious situation in which Slovenia’s energy workers find themselves, SDE Slovenia has decided to make heard the voice of workers. EPSU supports the general strike in the Slovenian energy industry and urges the Slovenian government to respect national social dialogue procedures. Workers’ voice should be taken into consideration before taking any decision regarding the restructuration of the national energy industry. Socially responsible solutions have to be achieved through social dialogue. I invite you to show your support to our Slovenian colleagues by sending them a message of solidarity to [sindikat@fabjan.eu->mailto:sindikat@fabjan.eu]. In this difficult context for the energy sector in Europe, solidarity is key to ensure the future of the sector and to guarantee good working conditions for all workers.