ETUC Balkan forum supports social dimension in Energy Treaty

The ETUC Balkan Forum adopted the following declaration: {{
Declaration of the Regional Conference of the ETUC Balkans Trade Union Forum Brussels, 18 June 2005
}} The leaders and experts of the representative trade union organization from South Eastern Europe participating in the Conference expressed their concern over the lack of clear social dimension in the initialed Treaty establishing an Energy Community in SEE and welcome the proposal for a Memorandum on the social aspects of the energy community to be signed together with the Treaty. Recognising the importance of developing a EU oriented approach in dealing with the labour and social challenges to ensure success of the project, SEE trade unions believe that the Memorandum will be prepared also in the framework of the European social dialogue. This will provide a channel for the voice of the energy unions from the region and on EU level to be heard and to contribute to the potential of the Memorandum to lead to efficient policy measures and stabilize social dialogue in the sector in the implementation stage. The participants